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The Smallest IWB Holster … New from Raven Concealment


Raven Vanguard II IWB Holster

I spent some time with the guys from Raven Concealment at SHOT, and they hooked us up with their brand new IWB holster, the Vanguard II. This thing is way cool. I’ve never been a huge fan of IWB holsters, because they always seem to add too much bulk. And, if I’m going to stick a loaded pistol down my pants, I really prefer that the trigger is covered, so I’m not in the habit of just shoving my Glock in my waistband. This little gem takes care of that. It’s basically an injection molded trigger guard that has a single IWB loop. It was designed for appendix carry, but I’ve been kickin' it at the 5 o’clock, which is where my sidearm always lives.

The retention is perfect and the draw is as easy as a full IWB holster. It’s not the easiest thing to re-holster, but I’m much less concerned with the re-holstering as opposed to the draw. The IWB loop is adjustable for cant, so you can get it exactly how you like it. The Vangaurd II is made in the USA, just like the rest of their products.  It’s currently available for Glock, but I’m sure more weapon systems are soon to follow. The other cool thing is this can also be used as a simple trigger guard when your Glock is in a bag. As you know from my post about my Raven holster, these guys make solid concealment kit … nice work guys.

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Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

This little IWB is kick a** Bill.  -Brandon

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