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Actually, I was going to write about the Rogue American Apparel MOSHPIT shirt, because the proceeds go to the Brothers in Arms foundation (you may have already seen shirts like this recently if you're an MAA fan). However, their Bushido tee, dedicated to a "moral code that stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honor unto death often found in warrior culture and those who make a living protecting others" is pretty damn cool. So I figured I'd open up with that, since they just announced it's about to be available.

Rogue American Apparel: Bushido Tee

Kit Up: the Rogue American Apparel Bushido Tee


However, you should definitely check out the MOSHPIT (the call-sign of a badly wounded recon Marine) shirt. 100% of the proceeds and portions of the proceeds from other designs, go to the Brothers in Arms foundation. They raised over a thousand dollars for Brothers in Arms their first month in operation. I haven't ordered my Bushido shirt yet, but I'll certainly be getting one (and maybe one of the IZZY ALL DAY tees too). The guys behind Rogue American Apparel are all prior service, some of them still serving in the industry in various capacities, and they're passionate about what they do. If you get the chance, check 'em out now before the news we start giving you from SHOT eats up all your spare change.
















Kit Up: The RAA MOSHPIT shirt.








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