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Parabellum Armament ADO Charging Handle


Parabellum Armament ADO Charging Handle

I got to meet with Andrew from Parabellum Armament and check out their new ambidextrous extended charging handle. I tried it out and it's a solid piece of kit. I've always run an extended charging handle, but they have a bad habit of disengaging from the receiver when doing vehicles ops. The ADO looks like it may fix this problem. It's got a more streamlined design that hopefully won't snag on everything. 

The charging handle is solid construction and definitely works well with one handed operation. They have 3 models, the URL, ADF and ADO. All slightly different, so it's basically a preference thing. I obviously can't give you a definitive review with only playing with it for a few minutes, so they were cool enough to hook me up with an ADO to beat on. I'll let you know my full thoughts after I run it through its paces. 

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Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

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