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When Ninjas Attack: Tactical Pens

Yes, tactical pens. Against my better judgment.

Now, I'm a self-professed POG. Pogue. However you want to spell it. I never attended the cool school or HAHOed into anything ending in -Stan, but I have done a few things that might be considered MOTO or Hooah light. One thing I never used in any tactical capacity was a pen (unless you count sketching warrant service plans or writing an op order). So I have to say I was more than a little leery of any sort of writing implement that had the word tactical in front of it. That said, I was given a Smith & Wesson tactical pen to try out and I figured I ought to at least give it a, I've been playing around with it.

Kit Up: Tactical Pen from Smith & Wesson.

Now, in fairness, I have to tell you up front. I haven't done a Jason Bourne and killed anyone with it yet, and I've not had the opportunity to use it to disable a bomb (though the week is still young). It has written well after I heated it up, it worked pretty well after I threw it in the freezer, and it worked perfectly after I took the cap off and hammered it point first into a stump I've been meaning to get rid of for about five years.

In the end, I feel pretty foolish reviewing a tactical pen, but, some readers I met at SHOT asked about it and I agreed to do so (they weren't even mall ninjas; they were serious). So, there it is. The Smith & Wesson pen held up to quite a beating and kept writing. I'd tell you I was using it now, but I'd be lying. I'm actually typing on my laptop.  Is it the end all, be all of tactical gear? No, but it's certainly on the high end of hunter-killer-scholar implements. My niece is now going to be carrying it in her school kit, as apparently colleges frown on young ladies carting a gunhammer around in their pocket (and it "clashes" with some of her outfits, or so I hear).

So would I actually go out and buy a tactical pen? Probably not, and certainly not before playing with this one, but it has grown on me (and gosh it makes me look cool). I have to admit it, though. I beat the hell out of this thing and I haven't been able to make it quit writing. Next I'm gonna pick a fight with it:


So anyway, I can definitely see how some people might benefit from having one in certain situations (or anywhere in the People's Republic of Portland). The following is a video review of some other pens by a new Facebook group called Tactiholics. I'm not sure what other Special Operations Office Tactical Stuff might be coming in the future (SOOTS: I just made that up), but you can bet we'll keep you up to speed. Sometimes you get a gem (like the M-TAC, which is awesome).

More to follow, but only if you want it.


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