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Navy SEAL Don Shipley Exposes Phony SEAL



Don and I would really appreciate help in exposing this guy for the fake that he is.  Watch the video Don put together and you'll get an idea at how sick this guy is.  Please don't let him tarnish the memory of good men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, they do not want to be represented by this imposter.

This guy is promoting an agenda and I'm not here to judge agenda or the content of his claims. This is about a guy claiming to be someone he's not and that's an Integrity violation.  He's in violation and so is the woman who is promoting this phony.  Judge for yourself.

This guy is the worst offender we have had in a while, and he should be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor act in my opinion.  It's like a fake doctor handing out prescriptions without a license or medical degree. Even worse is that Kerry Cassidy is defending him, she's just as guilty for not doing her homework and should be ashamed of herself.

I appreciate the Fireteams support in getting the word out on this and so does Don. Don is an appointed representative by the Naval Special Warfare Command (WARCOM) and has access to the SEAL database.  He's as legit as they come.

I'm sure the families of lost Warfighters also appreciate the fight on Stolen Valor Don is engaging for all branches.  Please share and "like" this post on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness on this integrity issue.

Thanks everyone-


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