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MagPod: a support that's always with ya.


This is a very simple but pretty ingenious development for your rifle (sort of). OneUp Design Labs (the same folks that brought you the MultiTasker) is offering a replacement floorplate for the PMAG that essentially turns the magazine into a defacto “bipod” (well, stability support platform). Essentially it squares off your rifle so you’ve got a permanently deployed support platform (well, permanent as long as you’re using a modified magazine and until you run dry on ammo). If you’re someone that runs a bipod, it may not impress you, but if you’re not a lover of furniture, or you shoot high thumb without a Grippod, this might be just the thing for you. Installation (as you’ll see in this video) is fast and simple according to OneUp Design Labs; It’s manufactured of glass reinforced nylon with an overmolded Santoprene insert to allow for a grip on slick surfaces.

Kit Up! The MagPod from the guys that brought you MultiTasker












Currently, the MagPod is made only for PMAGs. I’ll be talking to Shane at MultiTasker in the next day or so at SHOT—when I do, I’ll find out if there are going to be other versions for other mag manufacturers, or for AKs and FN FALs or whatever.





Kit Up! The MagPod being installed.

The MagPod is tentatively scheduled for release in June of this year. More on the MagPod website, and on the new MagPod Facebook page.


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