Kit Up!

Legions new LF-P9 (and LF-P45, and LF-P40...)


Kit Up! The new pistol from Legion Firearms.

Booth 20,000 at SHOT. Legion Firearms. Check them out. This is their new pistol, as recently revealed on BOLO Report. According to two shooters I've talked to (not counting the actual Legion Firearms boys) it shoots extremely tight groups.

It was built with tolerances intentionally opened up to allow it to operate under austere (thing gritty) conditions, and the entire weapon has been coated in nickel boron to mitigate the need for lube down to about nothing. It has no guide rod, a high capacity (as in 23 round magazine), threaded barrel and Heinie ledge sites.

It will come top coated in Black, Combat Grey, Magpul FDE, OD Green and Burnt Bronze. The hex serrations are Legion's own design, put there to provide "omni-directional grip purchase when operating the slide". Going price for this weapon will be $1,995.00 with a custom Kydex holster from Off The Grid and three magazines. It will be available in .40 and .45 as well as 9mm.

Holster for the LF-P9 by Off The Grid.

They've been waffling on whether or not to offer it in 10mm. I'll let you know what I find out as soon as I get by the booth and talk to them. Preorders for the pistol start Monday. If at least 200 of you will tip them $5 each, that'll pay for half my pistol whenever I get permission from the Residential Sergeant Major to order one.

Apparently you will also have the option of ordering it with a Delta Point.

That's it for now. I'm going to get back to wandering around...there's a buxom lady giving me the evil eye from across the restaurant...normally I would just ignore her, but she has huge man hands and an adam's apple. I'm going to give her Jack Murphy's cell number and bug out. Vegas can be dangerous.  Can't be too careful.

About the author: David Reeder is a 20 year law enforcement veteran and AF SNCO who worked assignments in Training, S4, Mobility and Operations. He is a former Evaluator/Controller for the National Homeland Security Training Center, was an EST member, TL and commander, and for the last several years has worked as a joint service Combat Tracking instructor. During his LE career he’s worked patrol, training, drug task force, SWAT and PIO. He currently writes for Kit Up!, Under the Radar, Defense Tech and is a contributing editor to the BOLO Report.

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