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Kit Up WiR: SHOT Show, SEAL Snipers and A Gucci Gear JDAM drop.


Kit Up Manly Extra

Kit Up Manly Extra

Hi everyone,

Well the SHOT show frenzy is nearly upon us.  Me and the guys are looking forward to catching up with good friends AND seeing some great new Kit for 2012.  Make sure you check in daily for "on-the-move" updates from SHOT.

My friend Chris Kyle's book is killing it.  Make sure you get a copy and hook him up with a review on Amazon if you dig the book.  American Sniper.

If you caught Chris Kyle's interview on FOX's O'Reilly it was pretty entertaining.  He talks about Jesse Ventura spouting off, "you deserve to lose a few guys....", while at a SEAL wake with families present in Coronado, CA.  I've always liked Jesse until this event.  There's a time and a place for everything, and what he did was downright disrespectful.  I would have popped him too.  Enough said there....You can watch the video below (WARNING: YouTube video is low quality).


For those of you that are curious about the SEAL sniper course, I posted a quick description with some other interesting past articles I've written for MAXIM UK.  Click here to check it all out and to learn a bit about the SEAL sniper program.

"Copy Lima Charlie, about the recent JDAM Gucci gear strikes".  Hell, I can't help it if I have good taste! Sh**!  Anyway, we work hard to bring a balance and give you guys access and a heads up on all sorts of cool stuff.  Regardless, I appreciate the feedback.

A few SOF friends (Army, Navy, AF, USMC, and SAS etc..) and I have built a kick ass Spec Ops current events and "wiki" site that we are launching Feb. 1. More on that soon.  I'm excited to share it with you guys, rest assured, Kit Up will be front and center with the best Kit as always.

Anyway, I look forward to a great year and appreciate all your support (and the occasional heckle).

Brandon out.

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