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HK MP5 K: AKA "The Room Broom"


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I posted on my favorite issued submachine gun recently, the HK MP5.Submachine Gun= Fires handgun ammo, typically subsonic, usually comes in small packages.....I wanted to point out another HK favorite and classic, the MP5 model K.  This is one bad mammajamma, and I especially like and appreciate the 007 style shootable attache case. Boy, there are a few people I know that could use that at my next board meeting. ;) From my last post, a few of you mentioned KRISS (Yes, you too Luke) and praise for their recoil management system.  I plan on visiting them again at the SHOT show in Vegas and getting my hands on one to T&E soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this little package, the MP5 K. One of the HK innovations that make these little submachines so reliable is that they fire from a closed-bolt position with HK's patented and simplistic roller delayed blowback system.

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Kit Up_mp5k_room broom

From the HK Website

A compact submachine gun designed for vehicle operators, aircrew members, security details, and others who require a small, but powerful weapon; it is comparable in performance to full size MP5s. The size and weight of the MP5K-PDW make this weapon the ideal choice where a rifle or full-sized submachine gun is unmanageable and a handgun is a poor compromise.

Firing from the closed-bolt position during all modes of fire makes MP5K and MP5k-PDW submachine guns extremely accurate and controllable.

Dimensions MP5 K MP5 K-PDW
Width 12.79 in. 14.5-23.74 in.
Height 10.23 in. 10.23 in.
Weight with Magazine 4.78 lb 6.50 lb
Sight Radius 13.38 in. 10.23 in.
Barrel Length 4.52 in. 5.51 in.
Overall Length 12.79 in. 14.50-23.74 in.
Other Specifications MP5 K MP5 K-PDW
Cycle Rate of Fire 900 rpm 900 rpm
Magazine Capacity 15/30 15/30
Modes of Fire S,F S,F
Sights D D
Stocks FOLD RC
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