FN's new FNS-9 pistol, range day at SHOT



Jack Murphy shooting the FNS-9

Bill Janson and myself recently got the chance to try out FN's new FNS-9 pistol while out at the range day with the Kit Up team prior to SHOT.  I was more than just a little impressed with this pistol, and if I wasn't living in Mayor Bloomberg's personal fiefdom this would be my new carry gun.

The FNS-9 almost seems to have the frame of a Glock with a 1911 slide, encompassing the best of both worlds.  Slimline and compact, it also fires like a champ with a very crisp and smooth trigger.  I could never adjust to the over travel on an HK USP trigger, the reset always kicked my ass, but I think FN hit it just right with the FNS-9.  They also threw a marginal thumb safety on the gun, more to satisfy potential military customers more than anything.  In the meantime, we were told that a .45 version is also in the works.  I'll be keeping my eyes on this project as this will almost certainly be my next pistol when I move back to America.

Kit Up! demo's the FN FNS-9

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