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FN Five-Seven Tactical Handgun




The Five-Seven By FN

So I was in Portland at my friend Billy's farm/airstrip (he has a bitchin' Cessna 180 and an MD500) for New Years, and as most guys do, we got to talking about guns.  Then that led to a stop at his local gun store, Rapid Firearms. Apparently I wasn't the first Navy SEAL to stop by (but maybe the only one to actually complete BUD/S!).  Anyway, the guys at Rapid were super nice and no attitude or egos (very rare at a gun store).

While I haven't fired this, FN I plan to.  I've been tracking it for a while and can't argue with all the positive feedback.  The advertised max effective range is 50M, but the guys at Rapid Fire say it holds a solid group at 100 (yards not meters). Plus the gun and round have apparently been very effective in actual engagements.  Look for a review soon, in the meantime check it out. -Brandon

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Calibre 5.7x28mm
Operating principle Delayed blowback
Overall length 208mm - 8.2"
Weight (empty magazine) 645 g - 1.42 lb
Barrel length 112.5mm - 4.41"
Trigger mechanism Single Action Only
Firing mode Single shot
Magazine capacity 20 rounds
Manual safety Yes
Maximum effective range 50m
Receiver Polymer
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