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Colt's 7.62mm Convertable Carbine

Colt Defense LLC showed off its new LE901 Multi-Caliber Weapon System at Shot Show this year. The LE901 is a semi-auto version of the gunmaker's CM901.

Colt engineers have done a lot of work over the past few years to push beyond its standard M4 design. The company also seems to have abandoned its hunker-in-the-bunker mentality it clung to in recent years.

The LE901 features a 16.1 inch barrel and weighs 9.4 pounds. It's chambered for .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO) but can quickly be converted to .223 (5.56mm NATO) with a separate upper. The LE901 should be available in March for about $2,200 retail.

Here's a couple of videos of the LE901 at Shot.





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