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So apparently, Santa didn't parachute in and drop off Rolex watches and Night Force Optics (a great scope, by the way) for everyone.  And apparently a few folks were upset by that, AND the recent Gucci JDAM strike that has been pounding Kit Up!

In all seriousness, I love this site and pretty much host it for free, yes, I have a day job gents, and Kit Up is about 5% of my take home.  Kit Up is for better or worse now coursing through my veins, and I can't decide whether to curse Christian (who passed the baton to me) or give him a hug and thank him.  Mainly, it's my love of all things Kit and YOU guys that keep me fired up.

So....In keeping with the recent feedback, let's talk about some basic Afghan survival tips.

In the field, no extract in sight and in need of tactical shelter (been there, done that..wrote the book):

If you can't take over a mud hut, dig in or find a cave that hasn't been blasted by JDAM's. Then...

Find shelter out of the wind. Wind is a killer; you'll also want to think tactically and pick a spot out of the ordinary that will not attract the enemy (sniper 101). Humans are generally lazy, and if there's a grove of trees or bushes in the open surrounded by barren terrain, then stay away.  Most people are naturally drawn to these types of things and it's a sure way to end up in a soft compromise (look it up), and sometimes soft compromises lead to hard ones and that's no good.

Trust me on this. Afghanistan also has plenty of rocks; they make for good concealment, cover (there's a difference) and when stacked up, they keep the wind chill monster away.  Use leaves and sticks to nest on top of to prevent the cold earth from sucking the heat out of your bones.  I'm a big fan of the rock option in Afghan, and those who have served there will most likely have noticed that others share this philosophy. Also, spend time to learn the basic Pashtu customs, it can save your life.  Just ask my friend Marcus, author of Lone Survivor.

I learned in BUD/S that Hell is a cold place; hopefully you don't have to find out for yourself.



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