Battle Tape!


Kit Up BattleTape

Battle Tape

I spoke with Jacob O'Dell (former USMC) of Battle Systems LLC briefly via email. He was excited to tell me about his new battle tested tape. He mentioned that it was his frustration using poor quality existing tape---that would often break down in high heat and extreme conditions---that drove him to invent a superior version.

I pulled the sample out and started taping sh** like a madman and I liked the stuff right away. I'm not sure of the exact breaking strength, but it has to be at least 4X stronger than electrical tape.  I also burned it over an open flame, and while it burned straight through, the integrity was still intact and it was a clean burn. What can I say, it works....

We'll work this bad a** tape into our scavenger hunt giveaway and let you guys see for yourself.  Sometimes good things do come in small packages.

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Kit Up BattleTape

Enjoy! Brandon

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