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5.11 debuts its Mad Max Window Breaker at Shot


5.11 Tactial has a new breaching tool that would make Mad Max drool. The Multi Break and Rake features a long steel pipe handle with a vicious, 1055 steel blade on top. The 5.11 guys showed it off at Shot Show 2012 as part of their new breaching tool line scheduled to be available this spring.

The purpose of this tool is give you extended reach; to break glass, rake it out and clean out the frame," 5.11 officials said.
The hooked blade looks like something barbarians would carry into battle centuries ago. It has a wicked spike and jagged teeth on both sides of the blade.

Check the video after the break.


Similar window breaking tools on the market feature polymer handles, which can get stuck in sharp glass. That's why 5.11 designed its tool with hydraulic pipe steel. The weight wasn't available, but it's going to be somewhere between 7-10 pounds, 5.11 officials said.


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