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Kit Up WWII Propaganda

Thanks for all the feedback and support on the recent KU scavenger hunt and giveaway.  Laura gets full credit for putting it all together.  I plan on doing it once a month so be on the look out for the next one, we have some insane stuff to give out.  I like to keep you guys on your toes on the exact date, but I'll make sure you have at least a days notice before the op.  Then it's go time!

Pat's Zombie Ops are kicking butt and getting people thinking.... David's Sunday funnies are viral on the net, and Bill has been representing the CORE in good fashion with some great write ups on Op Kit.  Lastly, Jack has been cranking out some great historical pieces.  We are definitely planning on featuring more historical posts like that, along with the new stuff on SOCOM.

The guys and I are getting ready for SHOT show this year in Vegas, and all of us will be at the media range day prior to show kick off.  We should have some great video footage to put up as we go.   We also want to know what you want us to check out,  so let us know via comments so we don't miss anything.  Give us a heads up and we'll take it down for you.

Thanks for all the support!


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