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Week in Review with Brandon


Hi everyone-

We had a great week on Kit Up and set a new record for viewership in November. I owe a big thanks to Bill, David, and Jack for their great content, and YOU for spreading the word.  Thank you!

Wednesday night I attended a screening of Act of Valor in LA and I have to say that it rocked.  It was the heaviest action film I've seen in a while (if not ever) and (plot aside) the most realistic Special Forces Action film ever made in my opinion.  The opening and closing scenes are like getting punched in the stomach, and having the wind knocked out of you.

The Kit was nothing but legit and for the most part exactly what the guys are rocking overseas (Mechanix tactical gloves, Surefire weapons lights, Crye Multi-cam, and that bitchin little Raven UAS).  We're looking at featuring a detailed gear list soon, so be on the look out for that.

I brought Laura along to get her non-military opinion:

"My heart has never raced so fast during a movie; the point of view shots were unbelievably real, and the cinematography was phenomenal. It was one of those movies that was so crazy I would normally try to write it off as being over-exaggerated and strictly fiction, but with guys like Brandon telling me it was spot on, my mind was blown." -Laura

For those of you who sent in your FrogLube requests, I think Laura was able to get everyone a sample. Let me know what you think, I'm loving the stuff.

Thanks for all your support, and don't forget to hit the like button to spread the word! Keep up the Fireteam submissions (we listen if you haven't noticed already) and look for some cool Kit giveaways later this month.


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