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Urban Survival: the SHTF Chest Rig for Big City E&E


Kit Up! recently ran some articles that parked quite a conversation about bugging out vs. bugging in, g0-bags/bug-out bags(BOB)/SHTF (Shits Hit The Fan) bags and of course some of our personal preferences when it comes to kit. Now, you can believe in TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, WROL or Zombiepocalypse scenarios or not, but this is valuable, powerful advice we can all learn from.


For more information (not all of it quite as whimsical), visit their YouTube Channel or check out their website. Now, make no mistake: I'm not passing judgment on their content. I haven't dug through there and looked. I just thought you all might get get some valuable insight from their urban survival vest.  Tell you one thing I agree with for sure: you can have all the best kit in the world and be as prepared as it is humanly possible to be...but if you haven't practiced, trained and rehearsed with everything you might need, you're prepping to fail. Thorough training trumps gear every time, and practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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