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The Navy MK3: A Classic Knife


I saw my FB friend Billy Rogers pull his out of the closet (pictured) and have to admit I was jealous!!  "What did I do with mine..." I wondered. Some Ebay'er probably has the damn thing.  I can remember standing by for BUD/S inspection with the MK3 at the ready and razor sharp, ready for a 2 mile timed ocean swim. Damn I miss that knife...Oh well, here's a classic look at a knife that has deep US Military roots and is standing by ready for use.  There's a few undoubtedly packed away in closets, trucks, barns and dusty basements scattered across the US.  The MK3, in case of war, break glass and grab....

Kit Up MK3 Navy Knife Kit Up MK3 Navy Knife: A Classic with KABAR roots back to WWII-Courtesy of Billy Rogers

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Brandon out.

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