Survival Must Have: The "Go Bag"


Brandon's "Go Bag".

When I was in the SEAL Teams and working with OGA in Iraq, most squared away guys kept a little "Go Bag".  The purpose was when the sh** hit the fan, you could grab your bag and pretty much have what you needed (bare essentials only) to get the hell out of dodge.  In Iraq, this usually consisted of bullets, first aid kit, US dollars, blood chit, water, more bullets and some other essentials.

I personally always keep one in my vehicle even when I'm back home.  I thought you guys would be interested in what I keep on hand.  Disclaimer: I'm an ultra minimalist compared to most guys. Let me know what you guys think.

Brandon out.

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What's in Mine: Must Haves

  • Duct Tape (small roll)

  • Gauze and wrap (to stop serious bleeding only)

  • 550 para cord (a must have)

  • Mole skin

  • Flint

  • Survival Signal Mirror

  • Compass (not pictured)

  • Head lamp (I replaced my Petzl with a Princeton Tec=Made is the USA)

  • Emerson Wave Folder (not pictured)

  • Water

  • A good bag (I replaced my old one with the Source Hydration Bag)

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