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Sunday Funny: TOCroaches, Fobbits and Geardos, OH MY


I’m not sure if it fits the definition of pop a military meme, or if it’s a validation of a military argot or a more recent deployed military vernacular, but I do know this: Bob on the FOB is some funny sh#&. (I linked the definition of those words for guys like my brother Patrick and my buddies JD and Chap, who went to the Pendleton and Ft. Benning Schools for Boys.) Yes, Bob on the FOB is centered around Army personnel, but I’m pretty confident that

members of all branches will identify with AJ’s (the artist) caustic wit. Sure, Marines may not chase CABs, but that doesn't mean they don't have TOC Roaches. The Air Force certainly has its share of Geardos and GroundFOB Days (and I say that as a career POG, knowing for sure that 3E8X1s and 3P0X1s, among others, make fun of zipper-suited sun gods [pilots] and Predadorks). The terms and their appeal are universal, which is why the comics are so successful. Hell, FOBBITS laugh at the FOBBIT comic (and some probably don't get the irony).

In any case, check out Bob on the FOB, by AJ Merrifield, an Military Police NCO with the 101ST. You can find Bob on the FOB on Facebook, if you’re of a mind, but a simple image search will turn up cartoons all over the place. If this guy isn’t an OIF/OEF incarnation of Bill Mauldin, it’s only because he isn’t quite as prolific (yet) and he doesn’t use the same characters to portray his message. Other than that, I think he carries on the tradition of Willie and Joe quite well. Check out his stuff and see what you think.

Creator of Bob on the FOB on a PSD detail for the Secretary of the Army.


Hopefully soon he'll do Zipper Suited Sun Gods, PX Rangers, Screamers or Desert Princesses. From the civilian LE side I'm sure something could be done with COPerator.

























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