Sunday Funny: Epic Loadout


Say what you want about mall ninjas and MilSim airsofters, I've seen soldiers that would really do this if they could get away with it (until they had to hump it anywhere, of course). I've got some friends who take their MilSim very

The "Ultimate Epic Loadout" from

Kit Up likes hafta have a sense of humor though.

seriously (a couple of them used to shoot real steel at real bad guys too, which is how I wound up changing my mind about guys I used to mindlessly and close-mindedly mock as posers and wannabes). They turned me on to this site. I think they're funny as hell.


If you aren't familiar with what they're basing their staccato speech and exaggerated efforts on, it's epic mealtime. Like this one:



Now, I realize there are a lot of good guys who don't like or just don't eat bacon and other porcine foods (like my friend Nimrod and his friends for instance). However, for those of you who don't like pork and have been shooting at my friends and setting bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and assorted other garden spots, I'd like you to picture me wearing this shirt.

RE Factor Message to Insurgents, Muj and other Assholes

This message is even written in a way you'll like, irhabists.










That is all. Carry on.

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