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Prize Giveaway & Scavenger Hunt! ENDED! Results Posted Monday 12-12-11


Kit Up Princeton Tec "Charge"

Kit Up presents: The Princeton Tec Charge

Hey Guys,

We decided to put together a little internet scavenger hunt for the Holidays to keep things interesting. Laura's going to give you the scoop on the details.

So here's the deal: You have twelve hours beginning when this post goes live (Which is NOW...go!) to find the correct answer(s) to the following twenty questions, all of which can be found on the internet. The top ten finishers will have their pick from the prizes listed below in the same order in which they finish. Submit your answers via the Fireteam page and we will announce the winners Monday.  Have fun and good luck! -Laura


1. What's the title of your host's book that's due out next fall?

2. How many blogs are there?

3. Who's the company that owns the Hero in high def?

4. How far from home is Sgt. Robert Allen according to his song?

5. What is the most viewed military video on

6. Who is the biggest phony out there, according to Don, in the most recent Stolen Valor video (posted on Kit Up)?

7. What's the name of the company that provided the dog his gear in the Bin Laden raid?

8. David Lynch supports vets learning to do what?

9. What does say is the true power behind MW3?

10. Who is the Arc'Teryx LEAF designer?

11. What does Eleven 10 mean?

12. When veteran George Duncan was asked if he was scared when Pearl Harbor was attacked, what was his answer?

13. In the "fail" video where a kid accidentally shoots his dad, what kind of gun was it?

14. Name a book recommended by Jack Murphy.

15. What is this week's "ride of the week" on's Road Warriors?

17. What railway was known as "The Death Railway" where POW Marvin Sizemore was forced to work during WWII?

18. What are military working dogs suffering from PTSD often given for medication?

19. Who directed Act of Valor?

20. What was the original Christmas Tree Ship's name, and what happened to this ship in 1912?


Eleven 10 Riggers belt

Eleven 10 Riggers Belt

Kit Up: Eleven 10 Riggers Belt






Thanks to Bill for donating this Eleven 10 Riggers belt.  And it's Made in the USA.


Signed copy of Brandon's book: The 21st Century Sniper: A Complete Practical Guide

21st Century Sniper

Kit Up: Brandon Webb's 21st Century Sniper











Written by actual snipers. 


Signed copy of Pat Kilbane's Brain Eater's Bible: Sound Advice for the Newly Reanimated Zombie

Brain Eater's Bible

Kit Up: Brain Eater's Bible









This is sure to be a collectors item. I can't believe how nicely put together (the parts) this thing is, not to mention the content will rock your world. School is in session Max Brooks (my opinion-BW)

Signed copy of Jack Murphy's Reflexive Fire

Reflexive Fire

Kit Up: Jack Murphy's Reflexive Fire










I'm finally getting around to reading Jack's book (just don't tell him or I'll have to hear about it-BW).  Nothing like a rocking some bad ass fiction by a guy who's been down range and in harms way.


Frog Lube cleaning kit.

Frog Lube

Kit Up: Frog Lube










Change is tough.  The good news is FrogLube works as advertised.  My friend Marc at American Shooting Center in San Diego is using it to clean all his rentals at his indoor range.  That should tell you something...Thanks to my friend and former Teammate Larry for hooking us up with some more giveaways.

Princeton Tec: Charge helmet light

Kit Up Princeton Tec "Charge"

Kit Up Princeton Tec "Charge"








  We took a look and this light is insane! It will make someone very happy.  The Princeton Tec Charge, rock on...

Source Tactical Razor 3L Low Profile Hydration System

Source Tactical Razor 3L Hydration System

Kit Up: Source Tactical Razor 3L Hydration System









Thanks to Matt at Source for sending us those samples. Source makes some of the best tactical hydration systems in the world. This Razor will serve its new owner well.

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