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Pearl Harbor Remembered: The Hard Way


Kit Up Pearl Harbor

Kit Up: Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. This picture was found torn to pieces at Yokusuka Base by photographer's mate 2/C Martin J. Shemanski of Plymouth, Pa. A Japanese plane is shown pulling out of a dive near bomb eruption (center) and another in the air at upper right. (AP Photo)

I was reflecting on Pearl Harbor today and wanted to share this photo.  It's a great picture and thought to show one of the first bomb drops.

There's an excellent book on World War II called "Fly Boys: A True story of Courage".  It gives an excellent perspective on the Japanese engagement, and also provides an interesting look into the Japanese warrior culture and history leading up to WWII.  Up to that point in time, the Japanese had a reputation for not declaring war before engaging in it (pretty smart if you ask me).

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Fly Boys is a great read and we should all remember the lessons learned from Pearl Harbor. The signs were all there if we had just paid attention.  I guess some lessons have to unfortunately be learned the hard way.  Remind you of anything?


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