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Navy SEAL Qualification Training



Ok, here's a great video that showcases Navy SEAL Qualification training. You get an excellent look at the different phases of training.  Land Warfare at Niland, CA, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Combat Marksmanship training at Camp Pen., Basic Free Fall training in San Diego, and some great shots of cold weather training in Alaska. (Note: the cold water appreciation drill is great stuff!)

Things have changed a bit since I went through SQT (formerly known as SEAL Tactical Training or STT).  The change has been for the better in my opinion; guys roll into SQT straight out of BUD/S and no longer have to sit idly at a SEAL TEAM waiting to class up. The pipeline is streamlined and guys get right into the mix without a break in training.  The only downside in the new program is that they did away with the probationary period.  However, I'm guessing the SQT instructors are culling the herd to make up for this!

Let me know what you guys think.  -Brandon out.

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