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Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) Replacement: Mtn House & Mary Janes Farms


Kit Up MRE Replacement

Kit UP MRE Alternative: MaryJaneFarms

I'm a big fan of NOT eating MRE's when I don't have to.  I literally lived off them for six months in Afghanistan and horse traded with many a foreigner (very few were willing to trade) for a meal upgrade.  Something about those nasty little things that get to you after a while.

Kit Up Mountain House Meals

Kit Up MRE Replacement: Mountain House Meals


Anyway, I'm a BIG fan of the freeze dried options that are available at most camping stores.  The nice thing is that if it's winter you can just boil snow without packing additional water to boil the meal.  Two favorites of mine are the Mountain House and MaryJane Farms.  Although Mountain House puts their meals in a vacuum compressed bag that's ready to rock right off the shelf, Mary Janes packs flat and I think I prefer the latter for that reason.  They have some very tasty selections and I suggest you try them out in the field or on your next foray into the woods.

FYI-also excellent survival food and they weigh much less than a case of MRE's.  So when "occupy something" comes to your neighborhood you'll be ready to high tail it out of there.

Brandon out.

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