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Kit Up continues to be the go to place to get solid Kit content and a place where you can actively engage with the authors.

We had some great stuff this week. David's post on Epic Loadout had me in stitches and at the opposite end of the spectrum Jack keeps posting some insane historical JDAM's like his Hit Man Teddy Medina.  Pat Kilbane looks like he's getting his own show (I'll let him fill you in) and we hope that he keeps dropping in with his weekly Zombie posts, they really get you thinking about a multitude of potential threats that exist outside of Science Fiction.

I had a great call from my editor at St. Martin's Press this week and learned my book Red Circle will be released early and is on schedule to be out for Fathers Day.  I'm looking forward to dropping you guys some more nuggets as we get closer to the final release.

The guys and I really enjoy engaging with the Kit Up community and we have busted our a** to make sure we have some great content rolling out through the rest of the year.  This includes my exclusive interview with American Sniper author Chris Kyle.  Chris is a friend and also the most accomplished US Military sniper (250 confirmed).

To the Kit Up community: Happy Holidays from me and the Team (Jack, Charlie, Bill, David, Pat and Laura).  2012 is shaping up to be a great year!!


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