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Kit Up Zombie Ops: Waiting It Out in a Shelter



A Pre-fabricated Zombie Hideout by Radius Engineering

Most discussions about surviving a zombie apocalypse center around gearing up wisely and staying on the move.  But what about the idea of buttoning up and hiding?  For those with the resources and foresight to have a well-stocked underground shelter, staying put for a while may be the most sensible thing to do.  Here are three reasons why (Caution - Movie Spoilers):

 1) The Disease Might Run Its Course - In the film 28 Days Later, which presents the most plausible of zombie scenarios, the infected didn’t die and reanimate; they instead became “living zombies,” driven to primal violence by a “rage virus” that was developed in a laboratory.  Since the zombies had low intelligence but still had the biological needs of people, they all died of starvation after a period of weeks.

2) Society May Regain Control - In Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead, the initial outbreak caused a crisis for a rural community near a cemetery.  But because the zombies were ponderously slow, armed parties of civilians were soon able to abate the problem.

3) The Weather May Turn in Your Favor - In much of the zombie literary canon, the undead are susceptible to freezing.  So if you live in a northern climate, just hang tight until winter, when there is a nice sub-zero spell, and zombies will stiffen and ice over.

I’m curious to hear what our bona fide warriors think… lay low with your abundant supplies?  Or could your shelter become your tomb?

Check out this tour of an impressive fallout shelter in Montana.  The kid mentions supplies that would last them five years!


Pat Kilbane is best know for his three-year run on Fox's Mad TV, though many remember him as "the anti-Kramer" in the Seinfeld episode "The Bizarro Jerry."  Also a writer, Pat spent two years under contract with Dreamworks developing science-fiction concepts for television, and recently authored The Brain Eater's Bible, a zombie field manual available in hardcover from Amazon and as an iPad app from the iTunes Store.

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