Indian and Polish SF Units Train Together at Tiger Claw I


The picture below is a Polish "commando" at CIJWS (India's Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School). He's apparently using a Tavor there, which is pretty interesting. Several countries use Israel's bullpup (including Portugal, Nigeria, Ukraine and others) but this is the first time I've ever read or seen Polish soldiers using one...though since India uses them in large numbers, this may be a simple matter of visiting Polish soldiers using local weaponry. Exercise Tiger Claw was a recent joint Indo-Polish SF exercise conducted in India (the Poles announced it on their National Defense website, and it's on India's Defense Forum, so it's not violating any COMSEC). As you may recall, Brandon wrote about GROM recently, and Jack the 1ST Polish SF Regiment.

In any case, I haven't been able to dig up anything on why the Poles might be trying out the Tavor, if they are on any real scale, nor much of anything about the exercises involved in Tiger Claw (which isn't surprising, and probably wouldn't be something we would report if we did know). I'd like to say I know some GROM or Indian SF operators, but I don't. The closest I've gotten was when I almost got the chance to attend the British Jungle Warfare Tracking School at Brunei...but that trip was canceled, and now all I can do is eat Indian food once in a while. I've attempted to establish comms with the CIJWS and requested some more information or even permission for a couple of us to attend a course with them...I'll let you know if I hear anything back.

Polish commano trying out the Tavor

Joint Polish-Indian SOF training. Kit Up!












Polish commandos at the Indian CJIWS. Exercise Tiger Claw I

Joint Polish-Indian SOF training. Kit Up!













The Indian military has some pretty interesting SF capability too, of course, the Marcos and others.  However, all the stupid jokes aside, I've been interested in Polish military history since Professor Marvin Lomax of the University of Tulsa spent some time lecturing about them (this was right before he flunked me...did I mention he was an old, old friend of my dad?) If you're interested, read up on the Husari, Czemerysys and Haiduks, or the Scots, Germans and others of the Foreign Autorament. Osprey Miltary #184 and #188 are a good place to start.

"The infantry above all is pitiful, more dilapidated than all one has heard said of the Spanish and Italian: Some have bonnets, other hats; some have cloaks, others none at all. They are all without swords, but they carry berdishes, the use of which has always struck me as admirable...These soldiers...are nevertheless of an inconceivable solidity, that I would call bravery in reasonable men. They resist all discomforts, nudity, hunger, wounds, with a heroic steadfastness; they bear all burdens of war, and endure all the dangers...I have seen these soldiers dying of hunger, overwhelmed with weariness, ling on the ground to load muskets they can barely lift, and nevertheless they fire incessantly."  M. Dalerac, describing  Polish infantry, the Vienna campaign of 1633

Hat tip to the Firearm Blog.

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