Kit Up Holiday Exclusive: Book Signing


So Jack and I both have current books published (my memoir comes out next year).  We were both talking over the weekend and decided it would be cool to offer to sign some books exclusively for the Kit Up and community.  If anyone is interested in having signed copies or having a personalized inscription for friends and family over the Holidays, we're happy to do it! Below are instructions on what to do depending on which book you want.  There's different instructions for each of us, so be sure to check it out.  We decided not to set a limit for now, but, we'll see how it goes.

Be on the lookout this Friday for Kit Up's Tactical Holiday "Must Haves" and some giveaways coming soon.

Thanks! -Brandon


Jack says....

"I'm more than happy to inscribe copies of my book however readers like.  Probably the best way to get a signed book is to buy the book directly from me at the list price (12.78) plus 3.00 dollars to ship it to you via media mail.  Drop me a line at so I know who to make it out to.  If you already own a copy of my novel and would like it signed, hit me up at the same e-mail and I will give you a mailing address.  Send the book and a self addressed envelope with $3 for shipping and I will get that out to you ASAP.  Thanks for reading folks!"


Brandon says....

"I wrote this book because I was tired of seeing books on sniping written by non-snipers.  I co-authored this book with a good friend and teammate Glen Doherty (also an 18D).  Glen was my shooting partner in sniper school, and is a good friend to this day.  Our publisher pushed for the "Practical Guide" tag line, but we both think of this book as more of an insiders look at the community.  I talk about where sniping is headed in the future and the book features lots of cool sniper Kit.

If you want a signed copy, buy 21st Century Sniper on Amazon and ship it to the Kit Up mailing address at: 8070 La Jolla Shores Drive #456 La Jolla, CA.  Provide return shipping and instructions on who the book should be signed to, and I'll get it turned around and back to you ASAP.  Thanks!"


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