My Favorite Submachine Gun: The HK MP5 SD


Kit Up: The HK MP5 SD

Ok, if Santa really existed I'd have asked to have him to sneak into the west coast SEAL armory and liberate my old MP5 SD. This bad boy will drive nails at 50 yards and give bad guys an Excedrin headache they won't wake up from. What is a sub machine gun attribute ask you? An automatic weapon that fires subsonic ammunition, something many people forget. Below is a quick clip of this bad boy in excellent quiet kill option (did I just say that out loud?).

Hello again friend....The MP5SD. Enjoy-Brandon


SOFREP Navy SEAL Brandon Webb with the MP5SDAuthor with SEAL issued MP5


From HK

The MP5SD is the full-time suppressed variant of the MP5 submachine gun. This version uses an integral aluminum or optional wet-technology stainless steel sound suppressor. Due to its ported barrel, it does not require use of subsonic ammunition for effective sound reduction like most conventional sound suppressed submachine guns. The removable sound suppressor is integrated into the weapon’s design and conforms to the normal length and profile of a conventional, unsuppressed sub machine.


Features & System Characteristics:

  • Subsonic speed of the bullets is achieved via ports in the barrel reducing the gas pressure

  • Muzzle blast is reduced and flash is effectively eliminated by the suppressor

  • Highly reliable recoil-operated delayed blowback bolt system

  • Precision-made free-floating, cold hammer forged barrel delivers long barrel life (20,000+ rounds)

  • Fires from accurate closed-bolt position (upon cessation of firing, the bolt is closed)

  • Fixed, retractable, and folding buttstocks are interchangeable

  • Special attachment points for mounting optical sights or other aiming units with 100% return-to-zero

  • Interchangeable trigger groups

  • Extensive variety of HK and after market accessories

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