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Dive Kit: The ScubaPro Frameless Mask


kit up scubapro frameless

The ScubaPro frameless

I've been diving this thing since ScubaPro first came out with it.  I meant to post some dive related Kit sooner, but maybe it was that rude Scuba Pro girl I ran into (you know who you are lady..and apparently your booth mates did too) at DEMA a year back that made me hesitate.

I grew up diving at a young age and have logged thousands of dives (and many more not logged) all over the world.  My favorite is still the cool waters of the Channel Islands off the coast of California.  I grew up stalking Calico bass and Yellowtail in those clear blue kelp forests.

Anyway, the Frameless mask by ScubaPro is a great mask, and taking out the frame puts the mask closer to your face.  That=increased field of view.  It's also pretty low volume and that makes mask clearing a lot easier.  I shattered one at 80 feet at San Nicholas Island chasing lobster but that's another story. It will fit a medium to large face.  **Important**-get a black silicone mask, it looks cool and keeps the sun from shining through clear silicone and causing glare on your mask surface while underwater.

Check it out...Brandon

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