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BF3 Realism and Kit Dissected: By Sean Nack

Kit Up BF3 Report

Kit Up BF3 Report

Sean writes the best damn game reviews around in my opinion...and he's been down range (has the purple heart to prove it) to really provide some insight.  Another awesome write up Sean.  It's what we do best on Kit Up...real Warfighters providing their perspective on things.  Get some Sean....

"How much realism do you like in your entertainment? For me, it’s a “you got peanut butter in my chocolate” situation. There’s a balance to be struck, a form of realistic whimsy. Take, for example, the sandbox. A child can play in the sandbox with an exact replica of a John Deere 75-D excavator (oh yeah, I looked it up), and build a moat for a wizard’s castle. He’s taking a realistic tool into an imaginative environment that allows him the freedom to do whatever he wants.

Battlefield 3 (BF3) works in much the same way. BF3 is a first-person shooter, yes, but it’s an FPS that allows you to hop into a tank, a jet, a RHIB, or an attack helicopter without even attending an operator’s course! So in that sense, BF3’s realism takes a distinct nose-dive, but it does so in service of a much broader gameplay experience. Unlike MW3 (with which we are forced to compare BF3, even though trying to draw a parallel between the two is like trying to find common ground between apples and an entire Thanksgiving dinner), there’s more to the game than running and gunning through a collection of tight semi-urban environments. There’s something to be said for that form of gameplay; MW3 is fast-paced, frenetic action that can’t be topped as far as pure, adrenaline-pumping action goes, but BF3 goes much, much deeper.

So is BF3 all that realistic? It’s not trying to be a military simulator. Instead, BF3 gives you a realistic set of tools to do amazingly fun and unrealistic things. Blow up a building with an M320 and some anti-tank mines! Throw in a “WHOOOOO!” and you’ve got the military sandbox that you’ve always wanted."

For the entire review click here to HALO over to Under The Radar...

-Sean Nack is an experienced gaming journalist and former 10th Mountain 11B with 16 months at FOB Tillman in OEF VII-VIII.

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