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ATS War Belt - A Great Padded Belt System … A Great Price


The ATS Tactical Gear War Belt

It seems that most tactical nylon manufacturers make some sort of padded belt system. They all have the same general premise (padding and MOLLE webbing), and range in prices from about $20.00 up to $200. A lot of guys are going back to a belt system, and I’ve found that you can’t go wrong with the ATS War Belt, especially for the price.

ATS War Belt Insert Belt

The ATS padded belt system consists of 3 parts: the War Belt, the War Belt Insert Belt, and suspenders. All of the components are no frills, quality pieces of kit that make for a comfortable rig. The War Belt is a basic pad system with 3 rows of MOLLE webbing, suspender attachment points, and Velcro hook lining to “lock” an insert belt into place. There’s enough padding for comfort, but not so much that it’s bulky. Plenty of MOLLE for whatever you need to attach, and the bottom of the belt pad is open to facilitate any drop pouches. The War Belt Insert Belt is a light-weight 2” belt with a side-release buckle and the loop side of Velcro to integrate into the War Belt. The insert belt is not as stiff as your typical pistol belt, but I’ve had no issues with it holding my Blade-Tech Drop/Offset holster securely in place. The third piece is the suspenders. These are as simple as simple can get; basically, it’s some webbing and stitching … no padding, no extraneous hardware. The best part about their simplicity is that you don’t even notice them when you have a plate carrier on.

My personal kit kickin' the ATS War Belt system

I’ve been kickin’ the ATS War Belt for a while now, and don’t have any complaints. There are plenty of SOF guys using this system overseas and it’s holding up to the rigors of combat. If you’re not familiar with ATS Tactical Gear, you should check them out. They’re based out of Kentucky and all of their kit is made in the USA. Plus, there’s no BS condescending attitudes when you talk to the guys at the shop, everyone I’ve talked with is solid.

The ATS belt system is sold as separate pieces, and some people just run the belt pad with a rigger’s belt or use another brand of suspenders. So, you’re not stuck with things you don’t want. The War Belt goes for $42.00 (a couple bucks more for Multicam) and is available in black, coyote, ranger green, ACU and Multicam. The War Belt Insert Belt is $19.95 and the suspenders ring in at $13.80. All in all, for a reasonable price (especially for made in the USA) you’re getting a solid system.

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Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

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