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Kit Up Week in Review (WiR) with Brandon


It's been another good week for Kit Up.  We've got some great "first look" reviews coming in December and then SHOT show in January.

The Kit Up community has been submitting some great gear and weapons intelligence via the Fireteam page and the team and I appreciate it so keep it coming.  It helps us keep a good pulse on what you guys are interested in.

We're starting to do a once a month Kit Up Opinion piece and this month we have chosen Kit Up's very own "Mike Perry" for a write up.  Look for his review on Sunday and thanks for the good work Mike.  If you're interested in submitting an opinion piece, please do so via the Fireteam page, limit it to 400 words, and be sure to include some original pics.  The Editorial team will pick monthly.

We did our first game review this month and look forward to doing more.  We realize that it is a "game" but at least you'll know in the future how authentic the gear, guns and tactics are. We appreciate the support and please pass the word via Facebook.

People are continuing to say how refreshing it is to have a forum where they can get an honest review on Kit and that makes me and guys fired up to give you the best reviews possible.. The integrity of this site is something that I'm committed to no matter what the consequences are.  A recent example was my post about Pfarrer's book (SEAL Target Geronimo: The inside Story...blah blah).  It created quite a stir and I took some personal heat from the publishing and PR communities.  I suspect that my own publisher wasn't very happy with the review, since St. Martin's (my publisher) was the one who published Pfarrer's book! But hey, if guys I know that were on the operation and Admiral McRaven (Commander of US SOCOM) say it's made up, and it smells funny to me, then I thought it was important to at least inform people and let them make up their own minds.

Look for some great content tomorrow and more to follow next week.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and if you're overseas keep your heads down.

Brandon out.

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