Stolen Valor Exposed



I wanted to share this video about Stolen Valor. Nothing makes me angrier than seeing phony Vets taking advantage of good, trusting people and leveraging their fake stories for self promotion. Not to mention the dishonor they bring to all the great men and women in all branches of service past and present.

It's a good thing guys like Don Shipley (former SEAL Teammate) are exposing these scum bags.

"I'm on you like a hobo on a ham sandwich you rotten SOB's..." - says Don.

Don runs Extreme SEAL Experience in Virginia and is a great guy. He get's dozens of requests about phony vets everyday and I'm sure you guys agree that this sort of behavior is just not excusable. Check out the "Stolen Valor parade" above. It's a true highlight reel of disgust and you can tell Don's pretty fired up during the introduction portion. Who wouldn't be?  Hit the like button if you agree.

It's a shame the courts overturned the Stolen Valor Act. If there's no consequences for this behavior it will keep running rampant.  So for now I guess it's up to all of us to police these people up. Below are the Red Flag indicators that we commonly see. Let's keep exposing these people for who they really are. Kit Up is watching.

Brandon out.

Red Flags

  • Bragging about the number of people they killed.
  • Bragging about awards (Medal of Honor and Silver Stars galore)
  • Will not disclose dates and class numbers and when pushed they use the famous "that's classified" excuse.
  • Dates, places and and events don't match up.  "I was in Ranger selection out in Coronado, CA back in 72"...."I was BUD/S class 305 in 1990's"....
  • Will not release their DD214 (official transcript of service but, can be easily faked)
  • Will never get specific about anything, they don't have the background for it.  And if they do it usually marries up to a former Movie or TV show.
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