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SOCOM denounces SEAL Target Geronimo: The 10% Rule


Pfarrer's first forage into tastelessness. He apparently co-wrote the master piece: Navy SEALs with Charlie Sheen


We have a saying in the SEAL Teams about the 90-10 rule.  It goes: 90% of the guys that make it through Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S)  training are solid Operators and go on to do great things. The other 10% are constantly bringing the community and their team down.

We are always trying to cull the 10% out of the herd.  In the military these guys are commonly referred to as  "strap hangers".  You make up your own mind, but after talking to friends in the SEAL community that are still on active duty (and the SOCOM Press Release) Chuck Pfarrer (author of SEAL Target Geronimo) is clearly falling into the 10% category in my opinion.  His clenched fists are grabbing at the straps of the good men that participated in this operation.

It makes me sick to my stomach that this guy (FYI-anyone that co-wrote that lame Charlie Sheen screen play for Navy SEALs should be shot on sight) is lying. Why didn't he just publish this as a work of fiction? It would have sold just as many copies.  Even worse is that this news will surely drive his sales into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of copies sold.  Also, the conspiracy freaks will be sure to latch onto this literary piece of garbage and argue for its existence into oblivion.

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"This is a fabrication," Nye countered, issuing an on-the-record denial on behalf of Navy SEAL Adm. Bill McRaven, who took command of all special operations this summer.

In his previous role, McRaven executed the raid in May as head of the military's elite Joint Special Operations Command. Nye said McRaven was concerned the book would lead Americans to doubt the administration's version of events. He also disputed Pfarrer's portrayal of friction between the CIA and the military special operations forces who carried out the raid.

"We have never come forward and gone after an author and say that is a lie," Nye said. "That tells you how far off the mark we believe this book is."

My friends at Dev have been professional and tight-lipped about this operation.  Most of the time you hear a little gouge from the inner circle, something, but this op was different.  None of the guys talked about this.  As Marcinko would say: "Doom on you Pfarrer".  It's safe to say I will not be seeing you at any of the upcoming UDT/SEAL reunions unless your head is on a stake.

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