Army PEO Soldier Doing it right with Fusion Training


PAS 13 Thermal by Raytheon

Looks like our friends at PEO soldier are getting it right with their fusion training course.  The fusion comes from integrating training with Night Vision Goggles (NVG's), the IR pointer and Thermal weapon sights. The AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, AN/PAS-13C, D and E Thermal Weapons Sight and AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light are all in play here.

Soldiers are receiving training at Ft. Bragg and learn how to use them separately and all together.  I read in the Army News Service, that soldiers are fired up to get this training---PEO will also come to your unit for training---and are realizing the value that thermal is bringing to the battlefield.  Unlike NVG's, thermal allows soldiers to see through thick vegetation to spot bad guys just like the classic movie "Predator", a personal favorite.  Crazy that there's two US governors (Arnold & Jesse) in that movie.

PEQ-15 by L-3 Insight: The Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ATPIAL) is a multifunction laser device that emits visible or infrared laser for precise weapon aiming, target acquisition, and target / area illumination under any lighting condition.

PSQ 20 by ITT: System design has been proven through U.S. Army Operational Testing. This system combines an image intensified (I2) tube and infrared (IR) micro-bolometer into a compact monocular. The monocular is approximately the same size as the AN/PVS-14. A separate battery pack provides power for helmet-mounted or hand-held use. The ENVG will mount on a ACH helmet and will provide: flip-up, tilt, fore/aft adjustment; left/right eye use; and quick disconnect from the helmet.

One of the Army officers in the article said that they had all this gear when deployed to Afghanistan but didn't realize what they had at their fingertips.  As a former trainer, I understand that you can have the best kit in the world but, its a paper weight without proper training.  Good on PEO soldier for offering this and raising awareness to the capability. -Brandon

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