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New MagPul MOE Scout Mount


There are a number of different light mounts out there, the best of which is an ongoing argument between those of us lucky enough to choose which one we want to run (read: those of us who are in a unit or with a department that doesn't mandate a specific breed or brand). Myself, I really like the IFM hinged from S and S Precision, but there are a number of other options (and pretty much everyone who runs a light on their rifle has a reason why their choice is the best one).

MagPul Industries has added to this list of options with their new MOE Scout Mount, made for use with MOE hand guards. This is a pretty recent release, and I should make it clear I haven't tried it. It looks a lot like the Radial Millenium Scout Mount-n-Slot and other breeds of Mount-n-Slot, another light mount made a while back specifically for use with MOE handguards by Impact Weapons Components, and like those mounts, appears to have been made with the thumb-break shooting method in mind (not surprisingly). From a cursory examination, it looks like it would work with other grip styles as well (if not quite as efficiently). The description mentions that the MOE Scout Mount allows the attachment of Surefire Scout lights "and many 1913 Picatinny mounted lights." The lights are positioned at 11 o'clock high (for the left side model) or 1 o'clock on the right side model. Though some initial comments from people viewing the pictures questioned whether this would impact sight picture or ease of light manipulation, it doesn't look to me like that's a real issue (particularly if you do shoot the thumb-break method). Hopefully a couple of us will get our hands on one soon and we'll be able to give you a review (though frankly I've never had an issue with any MagPul gear myself, and I doubt their quality would start to suffer now).



Myself, I haven't shot "the MagPul way" much, largely because I haven't had the opportunity to really go out and try it the way I need to do so. Until I can put in the range time and decide whether I like it (or get the chance to attend one of the classes they teach), and grow accustomed to using  it, I will continue to shoot the good ole fashioned way they taught me during the era of the man some of my fellow writers here have called Ronaldus Magnus. Now, let me be clear before the comments start: I'm not bashing that method, nor am I touting it. I just haven't gotten sufficient range time in with it (hopefully before too much longer I'll be taking one of those classes anyway).  I'd like to hear what most of you think.

Anyway, there are certainly plenty of you who love the method and sport MagPul furniture on your rifle or carbine so this ought to be welcome news.

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