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Masters of the Deep: SEAL Delivery Vehicles Explained


Submarine Free Ascent to CRRC boats
I wanted to share this great article written by CDR Michael Wood, USN.  It provides excellent insight into the SDV community.  Here's an excerpt. Enjoy-Brandon

The SSN/NSW team is an incredible warfighting asset that will see increasing use in both traditional warfare and future non-traditional missions - such as Information Warfare, countering WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), or establishing the new Expeditionary Sensor Grids. In any event, I believe SEALs and submariners will be working together more than ever, which suggested the need for this photo feature. From our SEAL perspective, the submarine crew makes a significant sacrifice when we come onboard, but except for a few at the conn who get to watch through the periscope, they don't generally see what goes on outside the boat to justify our being there. 

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