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Knife Look: The Grayman Satu Folder


The Satu folder by Grayman

It was sure nice to get a handwritten note from the good folks at Grayman knives in appreciation for taking a look at their folder.  Jack first put us on to the folks at Grayman and this is a no nonsense knife maker, all of their knives are Made in the USA.  FYI-You don't get too many manufacturer's notes from China these days.

Satu Folder...a good knife will take on any task...including my chopped salad.

When I first pulled the Satu folder out of the box I thought it was a bit too big for a folder.  After a closer look and actually putting the blade to work I started really warming up to the Satu.

In less than an hour after I got the knife, I pried open a crate of ammo, opened two boxes, chopped veggies for a salad (being honest) and cracked two beer bottles open. Mere child's play for the Satu but none-the-less it was up to the task.

It's obvious that Grayman makes utility blades that are meant to be put to work.  While I tend to like a smaller blade like my Emerson Commander, the Satu folder would make an excellent patrol or field blade. It would make short work out of just about anything you put in its path in the field and will make an excellent addition to any collection.  However, like they say on their site, this is definitely not a show knife! It's meant to be put to work so go get one and see for yourself.  Take a look below. Brandon From their site

"GRAYMAN knives are not designed for collectors, they are designed to be used. They might not be pretty, but they won't let you down."

Precision machined from CPM S30V steel, Titanium and G10. Designed and built tank tough, 100% made in the USA. 10 oz. The handle is Titanium on one side and Textured G10 over Titanium on the other side. Ships with a "toothy" working edge. Comes in Black or Green G10. (DLC Coated Satus have Carbon Fiber over Titanium on one side.)


3/16” 6AL/4V titanium Lockback 1/16 (.063”) ti liner .100 coarse textured black G10 over liner CPM S30V Steel blade Heat treated to 59RC, flat ground 4” x 1.5” blade 9-7/8 OAL .223 black G10 backstraps Glass beadblasted Titanium clip Stainless steel hardware Wire EDM cut locks 3/8” pivot bushing for added strength Aluminum Oxide blasted liners and lockback and blades Laser Engraved: GRAYMAN, USA, S30V (specs are approximate and may vary slightly)

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