Kit Up Opinion Piece: The Revision Battle Skin Combat Helmet by Mike Perry


Since I created the Fireteam portal we've had a ton of submissions from the Kit Up community on a variety of topics you guys want to see featured.  Quite a few of you also showed an interest in covering down on some Kit yourselves, and we are going to start featuring these monthly.  Here's the editorial team's November pick. A look at the Revision Battle Skin helment by Kit Up Fireteam member Mike Perry.  Thanks Mike, and good work. -Brandon

The journey toward an all-enclosed combat helmet has taken a major step forward with the October introduction of the Revision Batlskin Modular Head Protection System.

Following the requirements of the ‘Three Block War’ model of Humanitarian, Peacekeeping, and Combat scenarios, the basis of the system is the standard ballistic shell shaped like the Advanced Combat Helmet but 20% lighter. A patented integral multi-purpose mount for observation devices and a 3 position visor completes the ensemble when the most unique portion of the Batlskin, the mandible guard, is added.

Revision designed the guard to cover the entire lower jaw portion of the face to protect against fragmentation and blunt force trauma.  And with modularity in mind, interchangeable wire mesh or clear polycarbonate can supplement the solid version, so in quiet areas, unit commanders may show their troops' faces without intimidating the locals.

All of this comes in a package that cradles the head in soft, moisture wicking liner and improved suspension system that provides balance and comfort for extended missions.

With field testing expected to begin soon, those who have tried Batleskin have given Revision high marks for its uniqueness and substantial improvement in protection levels.

Mike Perry

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