Grayman Titanium Dinka VAR


This little slasher is one of the smaller offerings from Grayman Knives, but still manages to pack quite a punch, or slash as it were. Suitably minimalistic, this thick double-edged blade is made for serious work. I kept the Dinka mounted on my hip where it stayed out of the way until I needed it.

The Dinka can serve as a weapon of last resort during close range encounters, but also works as a utility blade as needed. I ended up using it to pry open a window, cut down some fabric, and slash through cardboard, which this little guy handled with ease. The blade is double-edged for cutting in both directions regardless of your choice of grip. The handle is wide enough to control comfortably and shaped to fill the hand for a solid grip.

As a combat blade, the Dinka is designed with a curve for reaching around and slashing a sentry's throat or for hooking an eyeball. I prefer a MP5-SD for these types of tasks, but in a worse case scenario, the Dinka is a tool that won't let you down when you need it most.

The Dinka comes with a nylon sheath that can be mounted on PALs webbing and optional engraving is also available.

Mike and Sue at Grayman Knives are a true mom and pop shop and run completely professional outfit.  Drop these folks a line at Grayman knives.

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and is the author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.

*Update 1, to show the sheath in action*


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