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Gen 4 Recall Explained by Glock


Christian touched base on the Glock recall back in September.  I had a chance to stop by the Glock booth at AUSA and hear firsthand about the recall from their perspective. They Glock rep said they had relatively few complaints about the recoil spring problem but it was enough to cause concern.  Even though it was most likely just a few bad springs, they decided to do the right thing, and replace all the Gen 4 springs in the 9mm and 40.  He also mentioned that they re-designed the ejector in this model, which I thought was interesting.  I'm always a fan of the saying, "If it works, don't fix it".  Example: The Apocalypse weapon of choice, the AK 47.

I've always been a Glock fan since I started carrying the 17 as my secondary in Iraq in 2006.  It's a reliable gun, simple, single action and can take a ton of abuse. You just know the gun is going to work and that's worth something in my book.

It's good to see that Glock did the right thing with the recoil springs.  I just ordered a new 19 off my friend Mark who owns American Shooting Center in San Diego.  I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy.

Out here-Brandon

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