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Frog Lube: So Good You Can Taste It...Literally


Frog Lube. It works and will not send fish belly up....get some.

So a good friend, fellow surfer and SEAL teammate Larry turned me on to FrogLube.  I've known about it for a while, but it took me a while to run out of my regular lube and give this stuff a try.  I actually bought some when I went shooting last (the HK USP post).  One cleaning session and I'm convinced this stuff is legit.  Not to mention it's environmentally friendly (very cool); you can actually swallow the stuff with no problem (we don't recommend this of course).


As a surfer I try to avoid surfing after the rain because of storm drain run-off, so I appreciate the green factor also.  More importantly, the stuff just plain works. Larry just sent Kit Up the full gambit for me and the team to take a look at.  We'll also do some giveaways in December and let you guys judge for yourself.  Out here-Brandon

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From their Website

FrogLube is a revolutionary bio-based gun cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product made from food-grade ingredients all obtained exclusively from US suppliers. It is a new “green” product developed for government use by San Diego-based Audemous, Inc, a company that evaluates products in the emerging environmental, safety and health sector.


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