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Norwegian SOF: Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK)


The Forsvarets Spesialkomando

Ok, as we continue our around the world tour of SOF units we can't leave out the Norwegians. While this video has some good footage the soundtrack is terrible. But, what do you expect from a part of the world that supports a #1 Album from David Hasselhoff? It reminds me of a cheesy action film mixed in with some adult film track.

You'll see some static line ops with what looks like the MT1X. Let me tell you, it sucks to jump static line with a square chute! Also some great "bundle" parachute footage (guys jumping heavy loads).

The second video is pretty cool and has some good Drager underwater shots and more up close gear pics. :45 in you'll see one of their senior Defense officials talking and he's rocking a nice leather jacket...damn where can I get one of those? -Brandon out.


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