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DIY Field Pillow


I just got back from REI and spent $439 and lost 3 hours of my life.  Man that store really sucks you in big time, not sure what happened other than I was bouncing around like a 12 year old kid on Red Bull. I walked out with a new tent and DIY survival kit (more on that later).

So I'm a minimalist when it comes to camping or RECCE missions. "Travel light freeze at night".."I say don't pack light, pack right!" My advice when heading outdoors is to not waste your money on a camp pillow.  Don't get me wrong I love a camp pillow and it's key to a good night's rest. A good one at REI will set you back $25+ but here's a recipe for one that's just as good and uses existing kit.  Everyone has these ingredients if you're packing for overnight ops.  Save yourself some space in your pack and DIY.  Brandon out. Click Here to Follow Brandon on Twitter for the latest Kit Up gouge.

DIY Camp Pillow:

Ingredients: Sleeping bag stuff sack and one jacket.


  1. Remove sleeping bag
  2. Insert jacket (goose down a plus but not required)
  3. Camp pillow complete.
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