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Combat Training Aids/Kit Up! Contest Reminder: Time's Running Out


Don’t forget the contest Kit Up! is running with Combat Training Ads. You’re down to just a few short hours to get your registration to win. We got a message from them today to give us an update. So far they’ve received several hundred applicants from damn near every state in the Union and Puerto Rico, plus Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Taiwan and such truly strange, faraway places as California and New Jersey.  The prize again is an inert M4A2 training rifle (not the STANAG, which sucks but maybe next time), of your choice of colors available. The prize doesn’t include any cool tactical furniture, by the way, though it’ll accept pretty much anything that will mount to a picatinny rail.

If you’re looking for something else, they have a number of different makes, models and colors. Also, they advised they’re doing a military bulk purchase special for the next little bit. Combat Training Aids makes a lot of pretty kewl stuff, including all manner of weapons and Tacblox.

Here's some more of their inert weapons:



Last chance, boys and girls. Go to the entry page, and put "I READ KIT UP!" into the contest code block.


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