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The Brain Eater's Bible by J.D. McGhoul with Pat Kilbane

In the spirit of Halloween and Zombie Combat I thought I would share my friend Pat's new book. If you guys remember Mad TV, Pat was an actor and one of the funniest people I know on the show...and when and Kit Up need advice on Zombie warfare we go see Pat Kilbane. Many may claim competence but, for people in-the-know, Pat is the man when it comes to all things undead.

The chapter on weapons is pretty cool. This is one of the best put together books I've seen on the subject and the quality is INSANE. A true collectible, you can click here to buy it on Amazon. Pat did extensive research on this project and consulted with experts from all domains.  I helped out with some of the weapons.  When he sent me a copy I wanted to put it in a glass frame it was that nice! Definitely worth picking up a copy if you're into undead warfare. Out Here-Brandon




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