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Turkey and Kurdistan


Turkish Soldiers sweep for Kurdish IED's. -Ed Ou for The New York Times


I thought you guys would enjoy this image I pulled from the New York Times.  These Turkish soldiers look like their wearing a mix of woodland, desert and one even looks suspiciously like Multi-cam.  I think it's a long shot on the Multi-cam though.

Training with the Kurdish...this guy may look skinny but, he was tough as nails officer and had seen years of combat action on all sides of the border (Iran and Turkey)

From the NY Times

CIZRE, Turkey — Thousands of people filled the streets of this dusty town near the borders with Syria and Iraq on Sunday to mourn the death of a local heroine, a commander in a mountaintop training camp for Kurdish militants seeking autonomy for the country’s largely Kurdish southeast.

These developments are a really disturbing escalation, because they appear to be an attempt by the P.K.K. to invite Turkey back to the hell of the 1990s,” said Hugh Pope, an analyst at the International Crisis Group, which researches conflicts worldwide.  

The Turkey situation with Kurdistan and the unresolved tension is unfortunate.  I served with some great and hard Kurdish soldiers up in Sulaymaniyah and they were pretty solid.  Most had fought against Turkey and Saddam's own forces at some point.  They favored a woodland type pattern that blended well with their mountainous region along the border of Turkey and Iran.

A lot of Americans have no idea that the CIA worked with the Kurdish extensively in Gulf War I and then we (the US) left them high and dry when we pulled out.  Saddam then came in and used chemical weapons in retribution while we high tailed it our of there. It's a testament to the Kurdish character that most still look very favorably on us Americans.

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